Friday, September 3, 2010

OH for the LOVE of Fall.....The life of a ranch wife.....A day in the life of me.....

Well, I went back and read my last two posts......boring!! I was talking to a friend of mine when I first decided to try this whole blogging thing and we decided that I would have so much to talk about. It's true, I do, but I am having a hard time getting it all together.

I had such a hard time deciding on a title for this blog post. There were so many things I wanted to talk about and so many great titles. So, knowing me and my inability to make quick decisions or decisions at all I just lumped them all into one.

Did I mention how excited I am about Fall?? I love fall! Being a ranch wife in the fall is truly rewarding. My days, weeks and months become very busy, yet so exciting and fun. At the end of each day I am completely exhausted. I absolutely LOVE being good tired, if there is such a thing. Maybe that is what some people would refer to as an oxymoron....... To me when I know I have worked hard all day, from daylight until dark, cooked, cleaned, finished some laundry, found time to work in the yard, played and cared for my little guy, helped my husband on the ranch, had a nice hot dinner and shower to get the dust that is being good tired. So naturally, on these days, which is almost every fall day for me, I melt into my nice warm cozy bed and drift off to sleep fully anticipating the cool, crisp, quiet morning that awaits me and often comes way to soon. I just hope and pray that sometime during those quiet hours I don't hear the pitter patter of little feet and this ever so soft/sweet voice whisper "mommy"? Don't get me wrong, I am so lucky to have someone to call me mommy and I just love the sound of that word, but after a day of being GOOD tired I PRAY that he to can sleep through the night!

A day in the life of me is anything but uneventful, boring, dull or slow. As a ranch wife and proud mother of a very active two year old, my day usually begins somewhere between 4:30 and 5 in the morning. That is the time that I am out of bed. I may not be moving very fast at that early morning hour, but I am definitely out of bed. Sometimes I wish I was the type to sleep in, but I'm not. I have never been much on alarm clocks. In fact, I HATE alarm clocks! If for some reason my husband has to set the alarm and I don't wake up before it goes off, it's a bad day.
When I first wake up I stumble to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee, as there is nothing like a good cup of coffee in the morning. Both Casey and I love the Peppermint Mocha Creamer, which they use to make it only during the holiday's. However, they now make it ALL year long.....YEAH!! After the coffee is made I quickly hop in the shower. I have to have a shower in the morning to wake my sleepy head up and to take care of that hair do I worked hard on all night long. Not to mention this is probably the only 5 to 10 minutes I will have alone all day.....I am always looking for quality Tammi time.

Every morning from about 6-7 we have family time. Sometimes Hunter is up and sometimes he's not. Casey and I talk about what happened the previous day, discuss the day ahead, catch up on the morning news and just enjoy our life together on the ranch. We thank god every day for the opportunity to do something we both love and to be able to live and raise our son in such a pristine environment. After coffee time we hit the ground running. Casey goes out to change water and I get Hunter ready for the day and start breakfast. After Casey is done irrigating we have a quick breakfast and then go our separate ways. Right now I am taking care of all the riding and cow stuff and Casey is building corrals and irrigating. We are both doing the haying. I spend 3 to 4 hours a day on a horse and 3 to 4 hours a day in a tractor. Yep, this farm girl drives a tractor, a backhoe and a dozer. Hunter has his own pony so he either goes with me, goes with Casey or every once in a while he will choose to get spoiled at Grandma and Grandpa's. Hunter loves tractors, so anytime I am in a tractor he is right there with me....what a trooper he is.

So, I have accounted for about 8 hours of my day, but it's still far from over. The rest of my time is spent chasing a two year old, working around the house, cooking, doing chores and sometimes, if I am lucky we get to hit the arena in the evening. For fun, we enjoy roping and riding with friends and family. During the summer and early fall when the days are long we hardly ever get to the house before 9 and we rarely eat dinner before 10. We eat, Hunter takes a bath, we read a book and then the boys are off to bed. Now for some more Tammi time. When the boys are in bed is when I work on my shop business. I answer convos, work on orders, write BLOG posts and watch It's usually midnight or later before I decide it's time to retire and try to hurry up and rest for the day ahead.

Living on the ranch is kind of like gambling, as your guess is as good as mine what the new day will bring. I have learned to never make plans, as they will most likely be changed or cancelled. Add a two year old to that mix and it's scary.....but amazing.

I hope you all enjoy my love and appreciation for the beautiful fall season we are preparing to enjoy. As a ranch wife it really doesn't get much better. Thank you so much for being a part of a day in the life of me, as good friends, family, my shop and blogging all help to keep me sane!

Have a great holiday weekend........RELAX, ENJOY and please be SAFE!


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